A Summer Promise

From the bestselling author Katie Flynn. Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales, Maddy Hebditch can't imagine the changes that war will bring when she joins the ATS.

Maddy Hebditch has been living in poverty with her cantankerous grandmother since she was orphaned when she was just five, and it’s a constant struggle to stay out of the workhouse.

However, though life is hard, Maddy has her friends Alice, Marigold and Tom to help her. Together the four spend their summers exploring the Dales and making plans for the future.

Until war breaks out and everything changes.

As the four go their separate ways, Maddy joins the ATS, where she is recruited for one of the most dangerous jobs a woman could do in wartime: the Ack Ack sites.

All four face dangers as the war worsens, but when Tom is terribly injured, Maddy’s world falls apart…


Katie Flynn is a wonderfully gifted writer who effortlessly transports her readers back to the past with her latest mesmerizing saga, A Summer Promise. Full of richly drawn characters that leap off the pages, beautifully evocative descriptions of life in wartime England, touching romance, heart-warming pathos and nail-biting drama, A Summer Promise is a triumphant tale of the ties that bind, love lost and found, the power of friendship and the devastation of war that hooked me in from the very first page and kept me gleefully turning the pages late into the night.

- Bookish Jottings

A heartwarming read from a master storyteller

- Woman