Questions And Answers

Have You Always Been A Writer?
Yes; I’m what is known as a compulsive writer.  In fact my husband always swears that he “joined me” to the Prestatyn Writers Circle, because he was sick of tripping over towering piles of manuscripts whenever he entered the house.


When Did You First Realise You Wanted To Become An Author?
Gosh, that’s a hard one!  But I think it came about when I was around ten and on holiday in Devon.  My brother and I were messing about with a half inflated rubber dinghy in a deep seawater pool, when we saw two riders coming towards us along the beach.  One horse was chesnut, the other a bay and the girl riding the chesnut was absolutely gorgeous. They both swept past us without a second glance, and I was so envious! But as I turned back to endeavouring to tip my brother out of the dinghy, I realised that the girl, the horse and the beach could all20be mine, because they were in my head now, and when night time came, I would weave a story around them.


How Did You Cope With A Young Family And Writing?
I did most of my writing when they were in bed and once they were grown up it took me ages to convert to day time typing, but I was once described by a reporter as “the woman who writes a book with one hand and clips the rind off the bacon with the other”. I was irate, mostly because I’d never clipped rind off bacon in my life! But I think the answer to the question is that they say all women can multitask, and writers are especially good at it. 


If You Weren’t A Writer What Would You Have Liked To Have Done?
Oh, something to do with animals and the countryside. Perhaps I’d have run a rescue centre for dogs and cats, or worked with a vet in some capacity. I love gardening too so perhaps I could have worked in the grounds of one of the stately homes; good idea for a novel that!