My Favourite Places

First I must mention Anglesey and the Swtan in Church Bay, which inspired me to write Lost Days of Summer.  The Swtan is a Welsh long house, impeccably restored by local volunteers and is rich in atmosphere, taking one back in time.  It is well worth a visit, but if you can’t go in person, try their website on  

I also enjoy Cholmondely Castle for its glorious gardens and wild pond life, where you may see rare dragonflies and beautiful bog plants.  Then there is Ellesmere, which has wonderful country walks round the Mere, which are wheelchair friendly. 

I also love visiting Australia, where I can see not only my son and young granddaughters, but enormous crocodiles, cuddly koalas and kangaroos which bounce onto hotel lawns to graze as soon as it gets dark. 

Also, Brian and I often visit Gibraltar, where my eldest son and his wife show us the real Spain, and lastly, I love to spend time in Norwich, where I was born and brought up and which holds many happy memories for me, as well as a great many friends and relatives.